How often is the building cleaned?

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Our janitorial team is on the premises 5 days a week.  They do a thorough cleaning of communal areas 4 times a week and a basic cleaning of all units once a week.  Janitorial services are INCLUDED in the monthly rent.

Who owns the property?

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2186 S. Holly Offices is owned and operated by Hilldale Holdings LLC, a LOCALLY owned small business that also occupies an office within the building.  Being locally owned and having an office on-site helps us to provide quick solutions to any issues that may arise related to the building.

What about safety and security

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At 2186 S. Holly Offices the safety and security of our tenants, and tenants’ guests, is our top priority.  We have 24-hour video surveillance throughout the property and have installed an updated lighting system for a safe, well-lit parking lot.

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